One Team, The Dream

While traveling for his corporate position, and just eating another on the go coma inducing meal, owner and Chef, Rob Green of YOM had a thought… “there has to be a better way to eat healthy, but satisfying”. That was the beginning of his journey out of his corporate career and chasing his dream of creating a healthier, but “craveable” fast casual eatery.

From a young age Chef Green was involved in sports, exercise and making his own vegetable juices. As a certified personal trainer, he appreciated what exercise meant to overall health. However, he admits his love for indulgent food caused a life long “battle of the bulge”. His mission became how to make meals and beverages that were healthier while still full of flavor or as he says, “full of YUM factor” and labeled as "Health Fusion"

Health Fusion

YŌM was created to inspire an convenient healthy lifestyle, while still being delicious. We start vegan, but offer meat options so all are welcome. Using global spices and cuisines, we fuse those flavors and benefits to craft what we refer to as "Health Fusion" menu

Our Mission

and our promise

It is our passion to offer globally inspired lifestyle options that are thoughtfully designed to be delicious, nutritious and motivate a lifestyle that improves the health, happiness and lives of those we touch. Our ultimate goal is to make our communities and the world better through self improvement. 

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Come One

Come ALL

Most of our meals start vegan, but offer protein (meat) options to add on. Our guilt-free menu use whole foods, bold flavors, spices, techniques and ingredients and from around the world. To craft meals that are mindful of a healthier lifestyle, while full of craveable yum!

State of 


What is YŌM?

It is the thought of yum when you consume something that satisfies your mind and Ommm when your soul vibrates with appreciation of the offering of honest satisfying nourishment... yum + ommm = YŌM!    

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Worth The Squeeze

Our juices and smoothies are packed with the nutrients and ingredients you expect and recognize. All of our juices are fresh squeezed and never pasteurized. Each one was crafted to be a delicious and and nutritious reward.