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Yum + Ommm

YŌM is the thought of yum when you consume something that satisfies your mind and ommm when your soul vibrates with appreciation of the offering of honest satisfying nourishment... yum + ommm = YŌM!    

About  YŌM

YŌM was created to inspire an convenient healthy lifestyle, that is yummy, balanced and fun! We offer several vegan options, as well as, meat options to satisfy everyone. Using global spices and cuisines, we fuse those flavors and benefits to craft what we refer to as "Health Fusion" menu

On a Mission for
eating better,
living better
and a better world


Change ourselves, change the world

We are driven to provide our customers with options to improve their lives, community and the world we share. It starts with crafting meals that are health conscious and made from scratch, using recyclable and compostable

items and lowering emissions in our process. However that is just the start... 




The Urban Dictionary defines a Buddha Bowl as:

​(n). a bowl which is packed so full of goodness that it has a rounded "belly" appearance on the top much like the belly of a buddha.

Other accounts state the name derives from Buddhist monks walking through town with an empty bowl, and the community filling the bowl with food they can spare. This generosity is how the monks would eat daily. We personally like this version because it is one of love, community and support. Core values we hold high at YOM. 

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