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Shots are great to start your day, boost your metabolism or cleanse your system.

We crafted our shots to be full of flavor. 

Sweetener SUB - Ask about subbing monk fruit or organic stevia  

Sweet Sub

Immune Booster 4oz. $3.49 

Lemon, ginger, cayenne, vitamin C

Daily routine to strengthen immune system and energize

American Pie 4oz. $3.49 

Apple vinegar, filtered water, apple, cinnamon 

Weight and sugar level management, anti-inflammatory

Lemon Drop 4oz. $3.49 

Elderberry 4oz. $3.99 

​Lemon, ginger, Stevia, alkaline water

Elderberry, lemon, ginger, apple

Great to detox system. fight colds and energize

Great to detox system. Fight colds and energize

Ya mon! 4oz. $3.99 

Lime, pineapple, ginger, cinnamon

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive assistance

lil Tart 4oz. $3.99 

Turmeric, red cherry, coconut water

Fights Alzheimer, heart disease and cancer

Organic ginger 

2oz. $2.99 

Blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, digestion

Mini Magic 4oz. $4.99 

Activated charcoal, lemon, organic agave

Assists in kidney function, digestion and skin health

Gum Drop 4oz. $3.99 

Lime, ginger, agave

Great to detox system. Fight colds and energize

Organic local wheat grass 

2oz. $2.99 

Excellent source of vitamins, amino acids and minerals

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