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We are not physicians, nutritionist or dieticians, but at the same time we have NO bias agenda... only to provide you what you need for your healthy lifestyle journey.  

The following section is meant for you to obtain unbias information. Our team has gathered this information from other reputable sources that we vetted or through our own personal experiences. This is not intended to be an end all and we welcome you to explore own your own. Of course any change in your eating or habits should always be discussed with a trusted physician, nutritionist and or Dietician. 

What is Monk Fruit?

Is rice bad for you?

What can I take to lose weight?

You might notice that we do not offer fat burners like other companies. The reason is that there is no safe fat burner or energy booster that is manufactured. The good news is that there are all natural options like matcha and green tea. We promote a healthy lifestyle which includes belly filling supplements like oats, flax, hemp and chai seeds. These help satiate hungry pangs and guide us to our next meal. 
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