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To You

The YŌM food truck will be in your neighborhood to provide service to those in quarantine.

Ongoing  Commitment to Safety

At YŌM we have adhered to a strict cleanliness policy prior to these events.During these serious times we have increased our focus to assure the safety of our community and ourselves. Please exhibit the guidelines set by the world health organizations.  

Want to read more about our safety procedures? 

Whats The 



Place your ONLINE order at

Place your order ANYTIME prior to our arrival

Let us know in the notes, your name, contact #, unit# and time you will pick it up. 

You can place an order while we are at your location. However orders placed ahead of time will have priority in time and if we run out

Last orders are cut off exactly 30 minutes prior to leaving




Tacos & Nachos

Yummies (sides)



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