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A State of

What is YŌM? It is the thought of yum when you consume something that satisfies your mind and OMMMM when your soul vibrates 
with appreciation of the offering of honest nourishment....yum + om = YŌM!

Come One

Come All


Our meals start vegan & vegetarian. However we offer protein (meat) options to add on. Our guilt-free menu use whole foods, bold flavors and cuisines from around the world to craft meals that are mindful of a healthier lifestyle, while full of craveable yum!

Fresh, Clean & Honest

Made From Scratch

Our meals, sauces, juices and smoothies are all homemade. We pick the freshest veggies and then we triple wash them. Our meats are always 100% hormone free, steroid free and antibiotic free! 



We relentlessly search for ingredients that are known to improve health and incorporate them in all we do. Using spices and techniques we craft dishes that are exciting and full of YOM!

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