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It is our passion to offer globally inspired lifestyle options that are thoughtfully designed to be delicious, nutritious and motivate a lifestyle that improves the health, happiness and lives of those we touch. Our ultimate goal is to make our communities and the world better.





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YŌM was started by a desire to have
healthy, yummy options while on the go...

I always wanted healthier food options on the go, but growing up they just didn't exist. As I entered my career, I found it difficult to eat out and keep it healthy and enjoyable. That led me to start on a life changing journey to create the kind of eatery I was searching for. One that is affordable, healthier and yummy. A meal that left me feeling energized and satisfied. Along the way I realized that our impact on the world we share was as important. That is why we strive for inner and outer harmony. It is my hope you find what you're looking for at YOM too! 


Rob Green


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While traveling for his corporate position, and just eating another on the go coma inducing meal, owner and Chef, Rob Green of YOM had a thought… “there has to be a better way to eat healthy, but satisfying”. That was the beginning of his journey out of his corporate career and chasing his dream of creating a healthier, but “craveable” fast casual eatery.

From a young age Chef Green was involved in sports, exercise and making his own vegetable juices. As a certified personal trainer, he appreciated what exercise meant to overall health. However, he admits his love for indulgent food caused a life long “battle of the bulge”. His mission became how to make meals and beverages that were healthier while still full of flavor or as he says, “full of YUM factor” and created "Health Fusion"

Veggie Poke

Giving Back,
Looking Forward

We believe that quality food and eating education is a human right. We work within our community to educate on the benefits of eating better. 

Starting in 2022, we will be donating a percentage of all sales to eating education and to those in need of a full Buddha Bowl.

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