Lebanese Please

Non fat Yogurt, lemon, spices 
marinade chicken char-grilled, 
diced parsley basil cucumber, 
sliced red onion served with 
garlic non fat taziki sc. 


Choose steak, chicken or jackfruit
in Korean BBQ. With sesame oil, 
broccoli, red peppers, green onion, kimchi, toasted sesame seeds, YOM sauce


Go with Korean BBQ Jackfruit

Chicken Bacon

Grilled chicken, bacon, tomato,

romaine, melted cheddar, lite ranch


Seasoned chicken or steak,
red and green peppers, onions,
cilantro sauce, spicy red sauce 

Curry Up


Spicy chickpeas with garam masala, roasted broccoli, tomato, garlic, onion, ginger & YOM sauce.

All in Stonefire Organic vegan and dairy free naan 

Taco Supreme


Impossible beef seasoned, pico, shredded lettuce, vegan chipotle and vegan queso. All in Stonefire Organic vegan and dairy free naan